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Nyogi Philippines Coconut Water now with different variant try it now!

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Our Products


Pure Coconut Water


  • 330 ml Tetra Pak Tetra Brik with straw
  • No Sugar Added. No Preservatives Added.
  • 1 liter pure variant

Nyogi Coconut Water with Calamansi


  • 330 ml Tetra Pak Tetra Brik with straw
  • Natural Calamansi used. No Flavoring. No Concentrate.
  • 1 liter pure variant

Nyogi Coconut Water with Watermelon


  • 330 ml Tetra Pak Tetra Brik with straw
  • Natural Watermelon used. No Flavoring. No Concentrate.
  • 1 liter pure variant

Nyogi Pure Coconut Water


  • 1 liter Tetra Pak Tetra Brik
  • Natural Watermelon used. No Flavoring. No Concentrate.
  • 1 liter pure variant

Our Story

We can trace My Philippines Lifestyle Inc.’s beginning to 2003 when we set out to make world class and uniquely Filipino products.   Our experience extends to native Philippine handicrafts as well, which we began exporting in 2003.

My Philippines lifestyle inc is a forerunner in Philippine culture inspired shirts and merchandise. Our Lifestyle brand, MY PHILIPPINES, is a mainstay in SM Kultura and SM Department Stores nationwide. MY PHILIPPINES lifestyle line is also sold to OFW communities around the world.

In our thrust to promote Philippine culture and quality through products that are uniquely Filipino, we set out to develop a product and brand inspired by our very own “punong niyog” or coconut tree.

In 2012, My Philippines Lifestyle Inc proudly launched the fruit of 2 years of research and development: Nyogi Coconut Water. The product is true to Philippine coconut water taste, with no preservatives and sugar added.

After a few years of encouraging market feedback, we tried out various locally available and commonly used fruits that we could encorporate with the coconut water.  With this mindset, we came up with calamansi-coconut water  (a local version of lime), and watermelon-coconut water.  The fresh produce are sourced locally and made straight into puree form, so we can be sure that our raw ingredients are all natural, sustainably farmed and responsibly sourced.161627e4-a543-479a-b1fe-9f75dd8675c4

Along with a fourth lightly-sweetened coconut water variant which is sweetened using only natural fruit sugars, we achieve our goal to put together a showcase of coconut water products ready to compete with foreign brands, both on local soil and abroad.

With this unique range of best-selling, delicious, and healthy coconut water products, we hope to represent anew Philippine originality and quality.

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Why Choose Natural Hydration?
Naturally Isotonic

While sports drinks are engineered to be isotonic beverages, coconut water is already naturally isotonic.

And, just like nature intended, being naturally isotonic means it is absorbed efficiently and immediately by our bodies. Even faster than sports drinks and ever water

15x more Potassium than sports drinks

One of the key electrolytes for rehydration.

Minimal sugar

Coconut water has the least sugar content compared with almost all artificial flavored commercial beverages, like sports drinks and energy drinks, even among other all- natural fruit drinks like pineapple juice, mango juice, and apple juice. So, it is truly a refreshing and thirst-quenching drink!

All important 5 electrolytes are naturally present

Your body needs these 5 electrolytes to proper rehydrate!

Zero fats, zero cholesterol

Zero guilt!

Contact Details:

Tel:      +632.411.3686
Fax:    +632.371.3549